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Porchhay Phoung is the founder and CEO of Commercial Advisory Chamber of Cambodia (“CACC”) Law Firm . Prior to forming CACC Law Firm, Porchhay was a legal adviser of Sciaroni & Associate as the head of Real Estate Practice Group upon his return from oversea study. He is the public speaker for Century 21 and many other real estate companies regarding “Real Estate Laws, Real Estate Practice and its Concept”. He also attends yearly questionnaire reports on real estate legal framework with Doing Business in Cambodia, which is part of the World Bank Group. Porchhay also writes real estate articles for real publication, Property and Construction Magazine and other international real estate magazines.

Porchhay has advised a lot of global real estate investors and developers more than 12 years with Sciaroni & Associates. He is well-versed in real estate, corporate and commercial and has very strong relations with top government officials in Cambodia. His main areas of practices are: real estate and construction, due diligence, licensing, condominium, concession, contract, corporate and commercial, merger and acquisition, company incorporation, INGO/NGO, citizenship advisory etc.

Porchhay is a very practical, resulted-oriented person and has unique experiences and skills with impressive insight, and impressive qualification. His special skills are problem-solving; he is adept at understanding the relevant facts of a matter including non-legal aspects that are so important in legal career in Cambodia. He is an effective communicator with comprehensive skills and is very persuasive in his argument.

Porchhay holds Master Degree in Commercial Law from Melbourne Law School. He is a member of Bar Association of the Kingdom of Cambodia.
Porchhay speaks English and Cambodian language.

DENISE HUANG-Business partner

Denise Huang 擁有超過20年的投資管理和資本市場相關經驗。身兼大中華區多家投資企業合夥人,協助不動產投資遍及大中華區、歐美洲和柬埔寨。在資本市場擁有豐富的相關經驗以及兩岸投資人和高端客戶的深厚關係。Denise 擁有美國MBA碩士及國立台灣大學法學士學位。

Denise 負責拓展CACC在柬埔寨與台灣區地產與投資交流服務業務;任期間,在柬埔寨、中國、香港和新加坡協助超過10億美金商業地產開發,2004- 2019年間,Denise分別在AIG證券投資信託有限公司、鄉林建設及涵碧樓酒店、瑞金資本國際管理公司從事投資銀行業務,專注於新股上市和併購交易,已完成的新股上市和併購交易超過10宗,項目涵蓋房地產發展商,酒店商場管理、生技醫療產業。

Denise Huang has over 20 years of experience in investment management and capital markets. Prior joining with CACC Law Office, she was a potential partner of several investment companies in Greater China, assisting real estate investment in Greater China, Europe and Cambodia. Denise has extensive experiences in the capital market and a deep relationship between investors on both sides and high-end clients worldwide. So far, she has brought real estate developers billions of US Dollar in Cambodia, China, Hong Kong and Singapore. In 2004-2019, Denise was in AIG Securities Investment Trust Co., Ltd and Xianglin Building and Hanbilou Hotel and Ruijin Capital International Management Co., Ltd

Denise is a Business Partner of CACC Law Office in charge of real estate and investment exchange services in Cambodia and Taiwan.

Denise is also engaged in investment banking business, focusing on IPO and M&A transactions. Her achievements in IPO and M&A transactions have exceeded more than 10 cases, and the project covers real estate developers, hotel mall management, and Biotechnology medical industry.

Denise holds an MBA from University of Florida and a bachelor’s degree of Arts, Political science from National Taiwan University.

Danise speaks English and Mandarin.

JOHNNY TING-Co-Partner In Charge of Business Relation in Asia-Pacific

Mr. Tinge, Chia-Lin (Johnny Ting) joint CACC as the Co-Partner in charge of Business Relation in Asia-Pacific. Johnny is currently responsible for the Commercial Operations Director of Xinghui Property and Morgan Group, in charge of the investment services of clients investing in Cambodia, sales and investment of major Group client projects.

Johnny has 31 years’ experiences in Business Development Management in PRC. He was on the top management in many global Chinese companies including Shoe Harvest Corp in PRC, Shoe Group International, Sanya Seaworld Resort in PRC and a former Streaky Sale GM.

Johnny demonstrated in strong business relation by bringing Taiwanese investors to Hong Kong and China. He with Hillary who is the editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan—the No.1 Fashion Magazine in USA set up a company to make the best lady fashion evening shoe for their own brand chain stores . He has 2 product speakers, one is International Champion Female Singer Beyoncé Giselle Knowles and the other is the movie of Titanic actress Kate Winslet. He also assisted the global Hong Kong Public Listing Real Estate Developer-Agile Group Holdings Limited to joint venture with Cambodia Naki Group and landed the first Cambodian Project.

Johnny graduated from South Field College, Leicester, United Kingdom and Private Chon-Yu Business Administration College.

Johnny speaks fluent EnglishChinese and some basic Japanese.

Tinge,Chia-Lin先生(Johnny Ting)联合CACC担任负责亚太地区业商务关系合伙人。 Johnny目前负责星汇地产与摩根集团的商业运营总监,负责客户在柬埔寨投资的各项投资服务,同时负责大客户项目销售与投资。

Johnny在中国拥有31年的业务发展管理经验。 他曾在多家中国公司担任高层管理人员,(Shoe Harvest Corp,Shoe Group International,中国三亚海洋世界度假村以及Skytree Sale GM。)

Johnny通过将台湾投资者带到香港和中国,展现了强大的商业关系。 他与美国第一大时尚杂志Cosmopolitan的主编希拉里成立了一家公司,为自己的品牌连锁店制作最好的女士时尚晚装鞋。 他有两位产品演讲者,一位是国际冠军女歌手Beyoncé Giselle Knowles,另一位是泰坦尼克号女演员Kate Winslet的电影。 他还协助全球香港上市房地产开发商 – 雅居乐集团控股有限公司与柬埔寨Naki集团合作,并获得了第一个柬埔寨项目。



CHUON TYSAKKA-Attorney-at-Law

Chuon Tysakka is the authorized lawyer of CACC. He is the registered lawyer with excellent experiences in Civil and Criminal Affairs, and Alternative Disputes Resolution. He also has experienced with all kinds of contracts.

Prior to joining with CACC, Tysakka was the Judge’s assistant and later on he was the Lawyer of The Key Law Firm. It is one of the well-known Law Offices in Cambodia. He practices a lot of civil and criminal cases and other related commercial transactions. He is also familiar with real estate, construction, banking and finance.

Tysakka holds Master Degree in private law from prestigious local university of law in Cambodia and Completes 180 hours of attorneys’ degree organized by the Bar Association of the Kingdom of Cambodia. He is currently a member of Bar Association of the Kingdom of Cambodia.
Tysakka speaks English and Khmer.