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“Born From A Property and Corporate Lawyer Over 12 years Of Experiences In Various Cases “

CACC specializes in Property and Corporate Affairs; we do not take care of all areas under legal domain.

CACC does not claim to be the leading or largest law firm in town but we are the expert with long- standing and outstanding records of professional experiences in Cambodia. Our key principle is to work for the best interest of the clients and always understand the client requirement.

CACC has effective leadership which gives remarkable emphasis to the client satisfaction. Effective leadership means equal emphasis to the clients and everyone in the firm.

CACC maintains honest relationships with the clients with key discipline of sense of responsibility.

12 Years of Experience In Various Cases

Our Partners

DENISE HUANG-Business partner

JOHNNY TING-Co-Partner In Charge of Business Relation in Asia-Pacific.

CHUON TYSAKKA-Attorney-at-Law